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Working With Knee Replacements New York, NY

  • The Balance Arts Center 34 West 28th Street, 3rd floor New York, NY (map)

Course Description

In this class, you will learn ways to assist your clients who are having, or who have had knee replacement surgery. Topics will include an overview of the knee replacement surgical process, preoperative care, i.e., the important areas to work with the day/night prior to surgery, postoperative care, i.e., the day of surgery and beyond, and complimentary medicine for healing. This class will also include how to work with common postoperative issues such as difficulty with knee flexion and extension, fear/trauma, incision care, swelling, and pain.


16 hours of Fundamentals/Phase 4 Extremities or 16 hrs of a Phase 4/Spine and Extremities class that included knee work


To register, contact:

Rosa Rodriguez