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Surgical Trauma and Scar Tissue Release New York, NY

  • TRS Professional Suites 40 Exchange Place, 3rd floor, Rm. 1 New York, NY (map)

Course Description

This class looks at the Biological Model of Trauma, how trauma affects people, and how practitioners of therapeutic bodywork can most effectively work with individuals who are affected by trauma in ways that support their healing process. Participants will learn about the neurological basis of trauma in the autonomic nervous system and how to recognize signs of trauma in their clients. We will explore Trauma Resourcing in depth: specific verbal and energetic approaches as well as bodywork techniques for working with trauma-based dysfunction in the body. We will learn to work with various types of scar tissue, adhesions, broken bones, implanted hardware and prosthesis. Ways to support clients before, during and after surgery will be discussed.


Phase Five or Exploration of Movement


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Rosa Rodriguez

What others have said about this course

“Life-changing weekend!”

“Amazing handout. Best overview of trauma I have heard.”

“Invaluable elective class that improves my understanding & skill set when working with clients who have scars or fractures.”