"When I first saw Morel, I had been having a problem with my foot that had prevented me from enjoying standing or walking for over a year. I had seen various specialists and no one had helped. In 90 minutes she made it 90% better, and it's staying better, too. If you have any sort of structural problem with your body, I think it's worth it for you to check her out."

- Dmitri Bilgere [new  window]


"Morel is the foundation of the New York City OB community. She has consistently been generous with us with her time, energy, and expertise since she first came to teach a class in 1995. Her clarity and attention to detail in this work is unparalleled. We think that her influence is what has helped us to create our “NYC style”. We have grown together over the decades in a synergistic relationship for everyone’s benefit. Morel holds a high standard, has been willing to up her game, been supportive of our individual explorations, which in turn has motivated us to be our best."

- Rosa Rodriguez


I received my first session from Morel and knew by the time that I sat up that my body had changed and that I desired to study this subtle work that was under my radar that created such a great lasting change. Morel, I believe, was harder on me than any other student she taught because she knew my potential and wouldn't settle for anything less. She held me to a standard that I still try to achieve. As I evolved into a practitioner our relationship settled and softened for awhile until after I had received my advanced practitioner status and entered into the instructor program. Then the bar was raised and I struggled once again to achieve her expectations. Today, I credit Morel with my solid foundation of Ortho-Bionomy. I credit her with my success as a practitioner every time I work with a Phase 4 release, scar work, and trauma work. As I teach, her clarity comes through me.

- Lynne Marotta


Whether by fate, mission, or design, Morel Stackhouse is the catalyst, the Mother if you will, of the New York Ortho-Bionomy Community. She was the first Instructor to realize its untapped potential, nurture it, bind it together and bring the right resources and people to it. She kept coming to us sharing her knowledge, wisdom, and example, long before we realized we were a community and long before it was profitable to do so. She has been Teacher, Mentor, Advisor, Cheerleader, and Friend to us all and my life has been enriched in more ways than I can measure because of having taken my first Ortho-Bionomy class with her and having her as a role model as Practitioner and Instructor of Ortho- Bionomy.

- Gary Williams